Sports Complexes


The Nashville City Park offers Softball, Baseball and Soccer Complexes for your tournaments.  The park will have concessions open during your tournaments.

Nashville Parks & Recreation
Reservation Policy

1. All field reservations are on first come, first serve basis and must be approved by the Park Commission Board before it’s official. The Park Commission board will review the Sports Field Reservation Request Form with the event information.

2. The field deposit of $100 is due upon signing of the Sports Field Reservation Request Form and must be sent with the form. The field usage fee is $75 (per day, per field) and is due the last business day before the tournament/event.

3. The Usage Fee includes the Nashville Parks and Recreation preparing your fields at the beginning of your tournament/event, one time only. This fee includes the usage of lights for your field.

4. The Nashville Parks & Recreation staff will clean the complex before the tournament/event. The representative of the tournament is responsible for cleaning the facility of trash when the tournament/event is over. The full amount of the $100 deposit will be refunded in full once the facility is cleaned. If the facility is left less than what is expected, the representative will lose all or part of the $100 deposit. The deposit will also be withheld if there is damage done to the park facility. The Park Director will determine the final amount of the deposit refund. The Nashville Parks & Recreation staff will be responsible for removing all trash placed in trash receptacles.

5. Refunds will be available during times of inclement weather, being that the tournament has not already started.

6. All park rules will be strictly enforced during your events.

7. For ASA tournaments, 1 ASA official is required for each field in use. For USSSA tournaments, 1 USSSA official is required for each field in use.

8. Nashville Parks & Recreation reserves the right to use our concession stand at any park function.

9. Nashville Parks & Recreation strongly encourages all weekend tournaments to end Saturday evening by 11:59 p.m. If by chance you do have to play on Sunday, we ask that you don’t start any earlier than 1 p.m.

10. Alcohol, drugs nor smoking inside our facilities including ball fields is allowed.

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